Review by Damon Pimlott

For anyone planning on taking a British beach holiday with a luxury edge over the next 12 months, I can’t recommend Julia Newnham’s @stiveshouse in St Ives, Cornwall enough!!!

I went with my wife and children in July and it was just perfect in every way. Ideally positioned at the prime spot in the most beautiful and culturally rich part of Cornwall.
The house itself is stunning and anyone with an appreciation of art will be in their element, admiring the completely bespoke decor. I was so impressed with the perfect balance of functionality and style here. It was so incredibly thought out and it was more convenient and practical than our actual home! The view from each floor was breathtaking too.
Julia had thought of literally everything and just made the whole experience that much more pleasant, giving us great advice (when called upon) on popular things to do and where to go. She has absolutely nailed the principle of customer service and understands what people want, need and don’t know they will need or want yet! The perfect host.
We haven’t been on a break in the UK for years, but the experience here was head and shoulders above anywhere we’ve visited overseas, so I will definitely be back!
No pictures can do the place justice, but to see what I’m talking about just check out this link: